We build the Internet

ASNs mission is to deliver solutions for building the Internet.

The Internet since always has been based on open standards, freedom of speech and no central management. This is why during the raise of the Internet, the greatest revolution in communication, the Open Source movement was born - the greatest revolution in software development.

The Internet as well as the Open Source movement were created by a small group of enthusiasts devoting their time just for good fun and in a hope of finding something new and exciting. We understand that this is the only way of creating things of great size and significance - ASN consists of people with the same amount of passion for discovering and changing the world.

Field of operation

ASN operates in every field of science and business connected with the Internet - from infrastructure and data transmission, through servers and web application to practically any modern technology. We strive to:

  • deliver the Internet - building the Internet in the Silesia region of Poland
  • develop software for computer networks - building the Internet through and for others
  • create networking gear - delivering elements for building the Internet under the brand of RadioOS and Mavi