Join the New Technologies

ASN is a team of new generation enthusiasts. Our passion is development of new technologies to realize new ideas in network and internet solutions and radio technologies. The ASN team works on tasks and invents research innovations since 2004. Thanks to that passion and engagement a number of novel programs was developed for telecommunication, internet and network industry. For years we have contributed to increase network safety and standards defined by the need of new solutions in radio and tele-communication market. Thanks to your support we could have improved our skills and implemented the assumptions which you were able to use in your products and solutions.

Enlisted you can find the most important projects and achievements till 2013:

  • 2013 - cooperation with RCASE company - distribution of the first Polish radioline HIMERA GTX-24GHz
  • 2012 - research, development and application of LARP (Location ASN Radio Protocol) radio protocol for localization of mobile devices
      and moving objects equipped with radio modules on Atheros chipsets
  • 2011 - building and implementation of WingsMed system used for registration of tests by Rescuers from Mining Rescue Central Station in Bytom
  • 2010 - development of radio software RadioOS for popular Mikrotik, UBNT, Gateworks platforms based on MRTPprotocol
  • 2009 - cooperation with Flytronic Sp. z o. o. - research and development of radio protocol for unmanned aerial vehicles
  • 2009 - novel project in cooperation with RCASE and Mavi - development of software for MONO 24GHz radio module based on Atheros radio chipset
  • 2008 - sales of Miure Duo 5 using MRTP protocol (Miure Radio Transmision Protocol)
  • 2007 - 200 Mbps Radio - development of novel MRTP protocol (Miure Radio Transmision Protocol)
  • 2006 - issue of first public 2.0 version of Lintrack project
  • 2005 - work on novel project of web interface ARA FreeRadius
  • 2004 - launch of first wireless internet network in Mesh architecture with use of OLSR protocol and implementation of integrated PPPoE system
      in 802.11 abg standard in Silesia region (Bytom, Chorzów, Świętochłowice)
  • 1997-2003 - installation and configuration of first local internet networks